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Explore. Inspect. Protect.

Gain deeper understanding of the tech stack you use to build your optimized defense.
Lots of threats sit in your applications and infrastructure.
Less resources are available to handle them.
We facilitate your cyber-defense.

Through QLab‘s consulting expertise and R&D, and our software QFlow and QShield, we share and scale our knowledge by making it accessible. We believe that security is everyone’s concern as there is no freedom if there is no security.

Quarkslab’s expertise combines offensive and defensive security in application protection and helps companies and governmental organisations adopt a new security posture: Forcing attackers, not defenders, to constantly adapt.

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We are always looking for new talents.

As a growing company with different activities, Quarkslab is always looking for new talents. If you like security research (reverse engineering, vulnerability research, exploitation, cryptography, hardware hacking…), development (C/C++, Python, JavaScript), devops (do you want to run a new platform?), we likely have a job for you. Then, you and Quarkslab will grow together

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Dive into our wide range of resources tackling cybersecurity challenges.

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