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The rapid evolution of the automotive industry and the transformation of vehicles into connected objects with new services offered to the driver have put the integration of several technological solutions (hardware, software, connectivity, data management…) at the heart of innovations.

These changes increase the risk of getting security flaws. As an integrator of multiple levels of suppliers, you must master and control all the technological parts to be integrated, in order to achieve a secure connected vehicle that complies with UNECE regulations.

Main challenges

Best security practices to select suppliers and take into account external security guidelines at the same time are often adding burden to the difficulty of controlling and improving security over the entire chain while respecting strong constraints linked to production and business timelines.

Managing and auditing your subcontractors can also be complex without outsourcing the task to neutral and specialized experts (reverse engineering, methodology, tooling…).

And on top of that, UNECE security regulations require proof of work, including audit reports, to get «Type Approval» on vehicles.

Our solutions

From the pre-production phase to the deployment phase, you can rely on our expertise in reverse engineering in the automotive sector to audit your solutions and/or those of your suppliers and get comprehensive advice and reports based on:

  • our expertise in reverse engineering applied to the main technological bricks (ECU, IVI, protocols, communications with the box)
  • our 10+ years of experience with car manufacturers (also acquired through a joint venture set up in Japan with an OEM)
  • our reactivity and ability to understand your needs and technologies in a 3-way relationship (and without necessarily having the source codes of the ECUs we audit) and complying with strict deadlines.
  • specific tools internally developed to emulate modern automotive architecture
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