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Transparency and a high level of functional and cryptographic security are essential prerequisites for the successful launch of a new technology (zero-knowledge proof, ring signature, BLS signature, proof-of-work, cross consensus communication, decentralized primitives, etc.) within a short timeframe.

Your technology reputation requires the ability to communicate on its robustness and to rely on a 3rd party organization recognized for its high standards and expertise.

Main challenges

Time constraints (vs a launch for example) very often suffer from blockchain market reality:

  • a wide specificity of languages
  • their great complexity
  • the lack of expertise available on the market
  • the high risk of public pitfalls if the audit process is not rigorously conducted by third party experts mastering language and cryptographic protocols (and/or able to quickly upgrade their skills)

Our solutions

Benefit from our well-known expertise in security and auditing for the blockchain eco-system, including:
  • multidisciplinary: in cryptography, research of relevant vulnerabilities, code review
  • skills development allowing fast knowledge of recent languages
  • capacity to define a test node with our tools specific to languages
To access the main works realized by our teams: visit our blog