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Enterprise Wifi Audit

You want to check the robustness of your internal Wi-Fi infrastructure (guest Wi-Fi, company Wi-Fi) in order to grant internal network access to your employees or Internet access to your visitors?

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Main challenges

There are many challenges to maintain a certain level of Security on a wifi network. Among them:
  • validate the configuration applied to the corporate Wi-Fi network and the chosen security method
  • ensure that the guest network / captive portal does not allow access to the internal network
  • confirm the implementation of robust policies on employee laptops regarding pairing to corporate Wi-Fi
  • ensure that the captive portal is robust against network / web attacks
  • check that the protections against Man-In-The-Middle attacks are applied and functional and do not allow a user account to be compromised
  • check that the probes for detecting fraudulent access points are effective

Our solutions

Get support from the expertise of our pentest team to help you identify security weaknesses in your Enterprise Wi-Fi network:
  • profiles with specific skills for Wi-Fi penetration testing
  • use of many attack methods and of appropriate equipment/tools
  • an approach that can be adapted according to the threat scenarios feared by our customerss
  • ability to address other wireless protocols through QLab teams expertise


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