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Resecure your IoT devices at any time

Protect your data from security breach and your intellectual property from theft with a simple firmware update (Over-The-Air).

What are the benefits of adding security to IoT devices?

Protect your business values
Optimize your fleet management
  • Enhance your device fleet security posture without having to replace brownfield devices
  • Easily re-secure an IoT fleet spanning several generations with different type of hardware

Agile Bolt-on-Security
Enhancing the Security of Deployed Devices

Secure storage of secrets

Cloud platforms such as AWS IoT and Microsoft Azure IoT bring tremendous value to device fleet managers and device makers by bringing advanced off-the-shelf features and building blocks. Brownfield devices are, however, often ill-equipped to securely store authentication tokens of these cloud platforms (in the absence of a TPM). An attacker having access to these tokens could compromise the whole IoT fleet, damaging business revenues and company reputation.

Supply-chain IP protection

Device firmware represents precious Intellectual Property, containing Machine learning models, algorithms, proprietary data, etc. As device owners rely on third parties to produce their devices, they are consequently exposed to Intellectual Property (IP) leakage when sending their firmware. To counter IP leakage, static and dynamic protections must be implemented in the firmware to ensure that a third party cannot reuse the firmware on another device or steal its data.

Key Features

Secure storage of secrets
  • An abstraction layer for secrets storage
  • Based on strong security paradigm: decrypt only what your need
  • Software based security: it does not require a TPM or dedicated hardware element
  • Plug and play via a compiled libraries
Supply-chain IP Protection
  • Combination of static and dynamic protections (+30 passes available)
  • Protection of most common programming languages (C/C++/Java/Objective-C/Swift)
  • Suitable for IoT, Mobile, Embedded and desktop architectures (ARM/ARM64/x86/x64)
  • Support of specific configurations on demand

How Quarkslab protects your IoT devices?

Preserve software Intellectual Property from attackers with a layered security approach that protects your source code and data.

App Protection

Securing your IP in your

Quarkslab empowers manufacturers to send their high-value IP to their supply chain with peace of mind by applying security features to firmware in order to prevent device counterfeiting.

QShield Keys and
Data Protection

Safely protect assets within your brownfield devices

QShield empowers device fleet managers and device manufacturers to securely extend the capabilities of their existing device fleet with a solution to store cloud platform authentication certificates/tokens securely.


Brochure QShield

Resecuring an IoT fleet after its market release

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