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Mobile App Audit (Android/iOS)

You would like to check the robustness of your mobile applications (Android/iOS) through a surface penetration test in a black / grey / white box in order to guarantee a level of security against external threats?

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Main challenges

When developing a mobile application, companies must ensure that the entire process (definition of features, requirements, development, testing of the application, management of updates, management of data, etc.) is carried out by following the best security practices:
  • ensure that the mobile application is robust against external threats
  • implement measures to slow down an attacker studying the application (code obfuscation, root/jailbreak detection)
  • rely on developers with skills and knowhow in secure programming
  • use robust base system and application, appropriately configured
  • ensure compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR

Our solutions

From the design phase to the post-deployment phase, benefit from the expertise of our pentest team:
  • senior profiles with multiple skills and having carried out several R&D works
  • use of a proven methodology (OWASP) and based on the experience got from pentesters
  • a manual approach to understand and address all the business features of an application
  • the experienced use of tools dedicated to the search for web vulnerabilities (Frida, APKTool, JADX, Asthook, IDA Pro, Burp Suite Professionnel, internal tools, etc.)


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