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Audit and Consulting

You want to protect your applications and Trustlets* (payment, content sharing, games, IoT controller, …) by looking for their vulnerabilities, checking their compliance (PSD2) and securing their interactions
*Application running in the trusted environment of the mobile platform (TEE, Secure Element)

Talk to our experts

  • How to assess the processing performed on your sensitive data by applications or phones?
  • How to protect the critical operations of your mobile applications and trustlets (payment, content sharing, games, IoT controller)?
  • How to build compliance of your mobile environments (PSD2) and secure interactions with external components?

Your benefits

Get the support of a R&D team at the state of the art with a wide range of expertise

End to end protection of your
business model

A dedicated mobile expertise in cryptography & native code analysis

Our solutions

  • Master the technology stack, from hardware components (e.g. secure boot, DSP) to business applications and the operating system
  • An end-to-end approach, from native part analysis to interpreted code (Java)

Our added value

  • Our advanced knowledge of the Android and iOS environments, from application level to low-level and hardware services.
  • The use of our dedicated, open source tools (LIEF, QBDI) to find complex vulnerabilities and accelerate scan times


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