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Automated file and URL analysis for malware detection

QFlow significantly improves your defense capabilities. 

Analyze various threats arising from files. Check URLs before accessing unknown websites. Optimize your resources to improve your detection. Restore trust after a breach. 

Cyber-attacks continue to evolve in volume, complexity and frequency. 

Make your cyber-defense a process.

Detecting variants
Detect even the most advanced threats before they detonate and react on time
Security teams struggle with multiple alerts as well as tools to check for malware in files.
This demo shows QFlow enables an easier self-service approach to security.
Security analysts benefit from a single interface to log into and share results and it's quicker to move from detection to extraction.
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File sanitization
Preview content of suspicious documents safely and block document based attacks
When unsure about a document's safety, a user may try to open it anyway thereby risking exposure to threats.
QFlow's document sanitization capability allows users to safely preview the contents of suspicious documents before opening them.
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Unpacking automation
Perform multi engine analysis, retrieve artifacts and identify common attack patterns
In multi-layer attacks, advanced malwares don't display much at first sight. Analysts need to carry out multiple manual tasks to characterize a threat once sent to a sandbox.
The demo shows how analysts can retrieve detailed analysis for a file, benefit from automation to dig into the actual payload and successfully avoid an attack.
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File exchange platform
Scan every file in your network at download or upload by simply embedding security in your business workflows
Today files are uploaded through API and at best 1 antivirus is run on stored files. This demo shows that by embedding QFlow's malware defenses in day-to-day business workflows, it's easier to harden unique business practices against cyber threats.
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  • Maximize malware detection rate, filter false positives and enhance breach prevention
  • Increase capabilities of security analysts to optimize and speed up analysis
  • Minimize incident response times and focus on the most critical threats

Insights, visibility, speed of reaction before, during and after a breach

Key Use Cases

Make malware detection accessible to all

Put in place systematic detection capabilities for threat prevention and instill cybersecurity awareness within your entire organization. Empower all users including those who lack specific cybersecurity skills, set up consistent detection within your IT infrastructure and reserve the expertise of your security teams for the most important threats.

Build up detection and threat intelligence capabilities

Strengthen your existing detection capabilities and upskill your cybersecurity personnel. As a truly flexible and extensible platform, QFlow enables you to build your own analysis engines called probes and customize workflows that suit the specific needs of your SOC CERT. Acting as a hub for file and URL analysis, QFlow eases your threat intel gathering with its own probes as well as other solutions with our connectors to them.

Optimize response and recovery efforts

Complement your existing incident response efforts with QFlow detection capabilities. Scale up easily for speedier resolutions when under a cyber-attack, restore trust post a breach and meet business continuity plan objectives.

Leverage our expertise and 10+ years of protecting users against increasingly sophisticated attacks

Cloud friendly, customizable and scalable file analysis platform built for SOCs, CERTs and managed security service providers

Analysis workflows

Includes analysis engines or ‘probes’ to be used, their order and criteria

Analysis workflows always provide specific data and relevant information to the analysts on files submitted

Automate routine analysis tasks and allow your teams to prioritize security events

QFlow Store

Submitted files are analyzed by analysis engines called probes available on the Store
Different probes include commercial Avs, static and dynamic analysis tools, external analysis services and more
An integrated repository maintained by Quarkslab, providing new probes and updating existing probes regularly but can also be extended by partners or customers

Integration APIs
Fully documented RESTful API for third party integrations
Includes integration APIs for bulk file analysis
Deployment Models
Deploy and maintain QFlow easily on-premise or on the Cloud


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