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Your strategic outsourced
R&D partner
for offensive & defensive Security

Because your innovations require excellence, an applied research and tailored approach.

Security audit, consulting and training

Your demanding (and unique) projects require expertise and for us to search more, share, imagine and customize solutions to address your security challenges on the long term.

For more than 10 years, we have made no compromise on our knowledge-rich and specialized personnel in both hardware and software security areas with the same passion and curiosity.

Technical blogposts on a great variety of R&D topics, such as cryptography, reverse engineering, vulnerabilities, and more, written by our engineers
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In-depth skills and know-how

  • Blockchain
  • Cryptography
  • Embedded Systems
  • Low cost HW attacks
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Code review
  • Development
  • Fuzzing
  • Offensive and Defensive
  • Secure SW Architecture

Pentest offers

Discover efficient and standardized offers to optimize the security of your assets, networks, WI-FI infrastructures and mobile applications.

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Our trainings

  • Android Applications
  • Practical Car Hacking
  • Binary fuzzing
  • iOS Application Security and OS Internals
  • Reverse engineering like a pro

How to get our training

  • Our training can be purchased by customer for internal needs. We provide the content (slidedeck), the tools and the experts to teach the training, and we can also organize the logistic (finding and booking an appropriate location).

  • We deliver these training as well within conference program. To get registered, please refer to the conference website.

QLAB selected tool

Instrumenting executable formats

Multi-platform library to parse, modify and abstract ELF, PE, MachO and other executable formats, injecting code or unpacking without focusing on the details.

Tool to observe program execution

Cross-platform, cross-architecture dynamic binary instrumentation framework to observe a program during runtime and automate data collection and processing.

Dynamic symbolic execution framework 

Cross-platform, cross-architecture dynamic binary analysis framework providing symbolic engine, taint analysis and AST representations of instructions.


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