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Optimize security operations

Streamline security operations. Ease your file analysis workloads. Augment your team’s capacity. Limit the number of tools your SOC CERT interacts with.

Cyber-attacks continue to evolve in volume, complexity and frequency.  

Make your cyber-defense a process.

Use cases

In-depth analysis

Automate processing of high volume of files, enable your analysts to focus on in-depth-analysis.

Threat hunting

Get historical view on previous analysis, investigate for new malware and enrich your existing data.

Optimize detection

Integrate your own probes to build custom detection workflows adapted to your threats.

Optimize your defense against malware threats

by getting the most out of your security stack

Build and deploy your own analysis engines
Integrate with 3rd party tools for file collection
Manage engines and use results via APIs
Upskill your team about adversary techniques

Build up detection and threat intelligence for your SOC-CERT

Quarkslab’s file and URL analysis solution is a flexible and extensible platform that acts as a centralised hub for threat analysis tools. You can plug in your security expertise easily and customize the platform for your unique use cases.

Our product

QFlow, the successor to Irma, is our next-generation malware analysis platform. It is a cloud-ready platform designed to be scalable, available and reliable. It runs on Kubernetes and works on all major public cloud providers, private clouds and on-premise environments.

The platform also comes with a rich set of APIs to integrate with other systems within your IT infrastructure. It has an intuitive UI that caters to regular users, security analysts and power users.


Malware Protection Made Easy

Looking for a way to counter malware attacks from files?


Ready to augment your security operations?

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