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Defend your AI model against reverse engineering, unauthorized use, and tampering

As AI becomes an integral part of your business, protecting your AI models from unauthorized access, manipulation, and misuse is critical for trust, growth, and sustainability. 

Safeguarding AI ensures the security of your investments and sensitive data, preventing unauthorized and malicious exploitation. 

AI models: What's at stake?

Core of AI innovation:
the model

Unprotected AI models are vulnerable to reverse engineering, leading to potential replication or manipulation. Businesses risk losing market share, as well as financial and reputational damage

Trained models/ AI inference data

AI models, once trained, are invaluable assets in terms of data and insights. If unprotected, they can be an attractive target for theft and extraction, given their commercial and strategic value

Code and Data of
an AI engine

Maintaining the integrity of AI engines is crucial for reliable operations. Any compromise in the code or manipulated data can result in distorted outcomes, leading to incorrect decisions and serious consequence

How to enhance the security of your AI models?

AI model Protection

Deploy advanced code obfuscation techniques to shield the AI engine's workings, making it harder for attackers to interpret and misuse the technology

Trained Model Security

Implement robust encryption measures to secure trained models to protect against extraction

Integrity verification with RASP

Apply Runtime Application Self Protections to the engine’s code and data to protect against static and dynamic attacks

Our portfolio of protected AI Solutions

QShield’s comprehensive security suite protects a diverse range of AI applications

Predictive maintenance software that leverages AI to analyze data from factory equipment to predict the optimal time for maintenance.

Sports assistance software embedded in the soles of sport shoes, uses sensors to advise users on running and walking.

Malware detection software on Linux servers processes information from probes and sensors to detect and manage malware.

App Protection with QShield

Code & data protection, dynamic protections, and integrity checks thanks to obfuscation & RASP.

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