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Automotive security

The rapid evolution of the automotive industry and the transformation of vehicles into connected objects with new services offered to the driver have put the integration of several technological solutions (hardware, software, connectivity, data management…) at the heart of innovations.

These changes increase the risk of getting security flaws. As an integrator of multiple levels of suppliers, you must master and control all the technological parts to be integrated, in order to achieve a secure connected vehicle that complies with UNECE regulations.

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Automotive security: what's at stake ?

A security audit in the automotive industry ensures the identification and mitigation of potential threats to connected vehicles and associated systems.

This audit evaluates the robustness of cybersecurity measures, assesses compliance with automotive cybersecurity standards, and identifies vulnerabilities. Through comprehensive testing and analysis, the audit enhances the overall security posture, protecting against unauthorized access, data breaches, and potential safety risks. This proactive approach not only safeguards sensitive information but also builds trust among stakeholders, fosters compliance with regulatory requirements, and ultimately contributes to a resilient and secure automotive ecosystem.

It offers invaluable benefits by systematically assessing and enhancing connected car security overall. Moreover, our tailored and hands-on trainings provide your team with necessary knowledge and skills in order to approach the basics of automotive security.

  • How to understand the rapid changes of «smart» and «connected» cars?
  • How to minimize the costs of securing your supply chain while respecting time constraints?
  • How do I obtain the safety proofs of work required by UNECE regulations?

Automotive security: Your benefits

A tripartite
relationship management

Even without the source code of the ECUs, and with strict deadlines

«type approval»

On vehicles with audit reports complying with the required level

Costs (OpEx)

Maintaining a red team to evaluate systems on evolving technologies on an ad hoc basis represents a significant cost and HR complexity given the lack of profiles

Our solutions

  • Software design support: reduce the attack surface by keeping active accounts and services to the strict minimum required, managing versions of the leveraged components
  • Technical knowledge (ECU, IVI, protocols, communications) coupled with Business knowledge
  • Vulnerability testing: attacking an ECU, the car as a whole, or mobile/backend services to check compliance with cybersafety regulatory requirements

Our added value

  • An R&D Lab recognized and with CSPN certification by ANSSI around reverse engineering, cryptography and vulnerability research
  • Specific tools developed in-house to emulate automotive
  • Business knowledge: 10+ years of experience with the automotive ecosystem, and previous involvement in a joint venture in Japan with a manufacturer
  • Car-in-a-box: transportable reproduction of a car for «car
    hacking» training


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