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Secure removable media usage
to protect critical infrastructure

In energy, defense, banking or manufacturing, production or operations sites have been shut down because a USB key with malware has been plugged in.

Set up decontamination stations to monitor removable media usage and enable safe data exchange.

Regain control over removable devices to protect your infrastructure.

Removable devices are a convenient way to transfer files but highly vulnerable to attacks

Simply plugging a USB key into an endpoint can give attackers a backdoor to your network
Monitoring the usage of removable media by each end user is inefficient/inconvenient
Traditional security measures may not suffice in defending against concealed threats

Enable secure file sharing without compromising
on security, thanks to white stations


Strategically placed, the KIOSKs act as checkpoints allowing users to access files safely


Simple plug and play. Users can continue using USB keys for data exchange

In-depth, consistent defense

Defense that is exhaustive (static, dynamic & morphological) and always up to date

Flexible deployment (USB active filter, tablet, touch screen station..)
Recovery of data from an uncontrolled medium to a healthy medium or a network

Sovereign infrastructure
No data sharing
ANSSI certified KIOSKS

Removable media: Secure, Simplify, Streamline

Anytime removable media accesses secure environment, the critical infrastructure is exposed to risk of infection from malware. With cyberattacks now more sophisticated than ever, safeguard your infrastructure with a solution equally advanced. Developed by our partner HOGO, the decontamination stations protect against malware thanks to QFlow. Quarkslab’s advanced file and URL analysis solution combines static, dynamic, and morphological analysis to scan malicious content before it enters your organization’s network.

Built on a sovereign infrastructure, our platform is designed to give back control over your data to you. Choose between on-premise or a trusted SaaS.


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