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Does your specific project require security expertise but also an approach that combines research, creativity and challenging the status quo?

For example you would like to:

  • improve your understanding of complex technical topics (cryptographic algorithms, security mechanisms, tools…)
  • study the state of the art, and get deep understanding about it
  • apply new attack or defense methodologies to a new concept or project
  • train your employees on new security hot topics

Main challenges

We are working for more than 10 years on topics with our customers that faces the following stakes:

  • insufficient (or non existing) in-house R&D capabilities
  • limited budget and time
  • complexity and variety of the subjects to be addressed
  • the need to take possession of the state of the art prior to their project

Our solutions

For any specific R&D subject, benefit from a team of multidisciplinary and passionate experts (ANSSI ITSEF approved) who cover:

  • the various operating systems and platforms on the market
  • desktop and mobile environments

When your time and resources constraints are strong, we can define a customized setting corresponding to your R&D needs, bringing you results and support so that you acquire knowledge and upskill your teams.

To access the main works realized by our teams: visit our blog