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Mobile application security testing

You want to protect your applications and Trustlets* (payment, content sharing, games, IoT controller, …) by looking for their vulnerabilities, checking their compliance (PSD2) and securing their interactions
*Application running in the trusted environment of the mobile platform (TEE, Secure Element)

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Mobile application security testing

Securing mobile ecosystems against rising cyber threats is crucial, necessitating indispensable mobile apps security audits and comprehensive security assessments.

The dynamic nature of cyber threats demands continual vigilance through security assessments, adapting defenses against evolving risks.
Regular evaluations of mobile applications identify vulnerabilities and ensure proactive measures to thwart potential breaches.
A mobile app security audit is not just a reactive response, it’s a strategic imperative to fortify digital perimeters, protecting both businesses and users from the ever-evolving landscape of mobile-based security challenges.

  • How to assess the processing performed on your sensitive data by applications or phones?
  • How to protect the critical operations of your mobile applications and trustlets (payment, content sharing, games, IoT controller)?
  • How to build compliance of your mobile environments (PSD2) and secure interactions with external components?

Your benefits

Get the support of a R&D team at the state of the art with a wide range of expertise

End to end protection of your
business model

A dedicated mobile expertise in cryptography & native code analysis

Our solutions

  • Master the technology stack, from hardware components (e.g. secure boot, DSP) to business applications and the operating system
  • An end-to-end approach, from native part analysis to interpreted code (Java)

Our added value

  • Our advanced knowledge of the Android and iOS environments, from application level to low-level and hardware services.
  • The use of our dedicated, open source tools (LIEF, QBDI) to find complex vulnerabilities and accelerate scan times


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