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White-box cryptography to protect cryptographic keys

Keep your cryptographic keys secured thanks to an easy to integrate library.
Protect your keys against software and hardware attacks without requiring any dedicated hardware component.

Cryptographic keys: What's at stake?

Cryptographic keys are used to encrypt/decrypt data and believed to be stored in a secure vault, protected from software and hardware attacks. However, the keys are actually stored in plaintext, exposing them to the risk of extraction or tampering.

White-box cryptography: Our methodology

Unprotected keys can be quickly found even by unskilled attackers through visual inspections of a binary. White-box cryptography protects your secret keys from disclosure thanks to an easy-to-use software library.

Support cryptographic algorithms

QShield Keys Protection offers white-box implementations of the most common cryptographic algorithms, fitting specific use cases in entertainment and mobile payment market segments.

Unique white-box implementations

Keys Protection has been developed with a special white-box generation technology: with this design, each implementation is unique and not shared among customers.


Keys Protection is audited on a regular basis and has been found resistant against known side-channel attacks on white-box cryptography (BGE,DCA,DFA…)

White-box cryptography with QShield

Protect sensitive cryptographic keys from unauthorized access thanks to white-box cryptography.


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