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Software, service or content monetization cannot be sustainable without controlling the level of fraud/piracy from the asset preparation and distribution to its consumption by end users.

Security levels are to be analyzed during the:

  • design of customer registration/enrolment process
  • design of the customer authentication process
  • design of the preparation/distribution/consumption of content or service
  • effective implementation of all these steps

Main challenges

The main difficulties encountered are directly linked to the diversity of expertises and skills required to tackle all the stakes:

  • in cryptography and on the technologies for content protection and their security implementation
  • on the service platform used for customers authentication and rights management, enabling account sharing and clone detection
  • on the assets preparation and distribution platforms (third parties, broadcast centers)
  • on the multi channel consumptions (PC, mobile, connected TV, consoles) and security of various associated implementations
  • on the monitoring with very fast capability of adaptation and reaction to evolving form of piracy, and embedded countermeasures (to preserve the revenue of a video game
    or critical audiovisual content at its release for example).

Our solutions

Preserve your business model by using a combination of our expertise that will bring you an appropriate and multidisciplinary response:
  • analysis and understanding of your issue through deep analysis and advices (e.g. to check the level of security, understand the origin of piracy, reinforce the security of the software/content/service distribution and consumption system)
  • analysis of the resistance of the protection mechanisms on the whole chain (from the service platforms in the cloud to the implementation in the user App (mobile, connected TV, console, PC)
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