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Integrate security
into your business workflows

File uploads and transfers are essential for effective operations within any organization. Business application chains handle sensitive & confidential data. This makes them an attractive target for attackers.

Integrate in-depth malware detection in your business workflows to prevent attackers from uploading malicious content and infecting your information systems.

Any application with file sharing is an entry point
for threat actors

Multiple file exchange apps in use within an organization that may not always be secure
An infection within the supply chain risks disruption of operations and leakage of sensitive data
Security analysts face several alerts from countless, fragmented tools affecting efficiency

Make security part of your business workflows
without affecting operation


Integrate detection via APIs within the application chain to scan files before their intended use

Maintain business

Security remains invisible for the end user and streamlined for the security teams


A single hub for file analysis. Reduce the number of tools your team interacts with

Application chain: Secure, Simplify, Streamline

Quarkslab’s advanced file and URL analysis solution combines static, dynamic, and morphological analysis techniques, automates common detection and analysis tasks, and streamlines security operations. The platform comes with a rich set of APIs that enables easy integration within your workflows to scan malicious content.

Built on a sovereign infrastructure, our platform is designed to give back control over your data to you. Choose between on-premise or a trusted SaaS.


Malware Protection
Made Easy

Looking for a way to counter malware attacks from files?


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