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Webinar - Elevating Malware Detection-Key Use Cases for SOCs and CERTs

Watch our on-demand webinar to discover real scenarios and leverage the experience of your peers to learn how to:

  • reprioritize alerts and threats,
  • optimize defense against a range of threats,
  • get maximum out of your current security tools,
  • complement incident response and recovery efforts.

Our product marketing manager Prabhleen BHATIA, will present this webinar in which you will discover the security challenges for teams and organizations, the key use case and a presentation of our products to answer these problems.

Demo - Resecuring an IoT fleet after its market release

IoT Security is at the centre of the cybersecurity in 2022 and especially the debate between security by design and re-securing already deployed devices. We continue to advise on the integration of security ideally from the design phase but what about securing devices that have already been deployed ?

If you are looking for a solution to one common issue in IoT projects which is how to respond to cybersecurity incidents and consequently re-secure your IoT devices after their market release, watch our short demo. 

Conference Quarks In The Shell 2022 - Titan(ic) M: An analysis of Google's secure chip

In modern smartphones, vendors tend to rely on dedicated chips to improve the security of their devices. In 2018, Google introduced the Titan M chip in their Pixels, claiming it would make them their most secure smartphones ever. In this talk, we will demonstrate how we studied this component starting from the limited information available and how we discover its role in the Android security model as well as its internals. We will share the story of how we ended up executing code on the chip and how this architecture indeed protected the device from a full compromise.

Conference Quarks In The Shell 2022 - QShield

Dans cette session vous découvrirez la présentation « Merci de décliner votre identité ! Attestation à distance pour mobile & IoT » présenté par Adrien Guinet : Est-ce que mon serveur communique toujours avec les applications et périphériques que j’ai déployés ? Ce problème se retrouve dans beaucoup d’industries (monde bancaire, smart metering, appareils médicaux …), et nous nous proposons d’exposer les solutions associées développées par Quarkslab.

Puis en deuxième partie vous découvrirez « Le CYberSc0re®™© des applications : la méthode Quarkslab » présenté par Adrien Guinet & Benoit Ferault : À quel point mon application est-elle protégée avec la solution Quarks AppShield ? Dans cette présentation, nous nous efforcerons de répondre à cette question récurrente en exposant nos travaux en cours sur ce sujet.

Conference Quarks In The Shell 2022 - QFlow

Dans cette session vous découvrirez la présentation « Une analyse sécurité sur mesure made in Quarkslab » présenté par Marion Guthmuller : Nous vous présenterons la plateforme d’analyse de fichiers Quarks Flow, les défis associés et les solutions mises en œuvres à travers son architecture et ses fonctionnalités. 

Puis en deuxième partie vous découvrirez « Simplifier le monde complexe de l’analyse sécurité » présenté par Ferdinand Bellissime : Comment se confronter à la diversité de techniques et de topics composant le monde de la sécurité de l’information, en abaissant la nécessaire corrélation entre bagage technique et capacité analytique, de la conteneurisation jusqu’à la sérialisation.

A story of how to comply with PCI CPoC quickly

In the last decade, payments made from a mobile device have been multiplied by x10. However, the solutions for merchants to receive these types of payments have not followed the same rate. Why? Simply because mobile payment represents a technical challenge, especially in terms of security. Indeed, smartphones are not all built with security in mind. Their versatility poses a higher risk as more features and functionalities mean more possibilities for a vulnerability to appear and be exploited.

FIC Talk 2022 - Augmentez votre résistance aux malwares

Énergie, défense, banque, industrie…quel est le point commun ? Une simple clé USB peut tout paralyser ! Recyclage et réseaux cloisonnés au programme de notre FIC Talk.

Nous vous montrons comment améliorer votre défense contre les malware tout en recyclant des objets que vous possédez déjà tels que de vieux PC. L’idée étant de transformer vos vieilles machines en stations blanches à l’aide d’une plateforme souveraine d’analyse des malwares. Présenté par Fred Raynal (CEO et Fondateur de Quarkslab).

Looking for a way to counter malware attacks from files?

QFlow is an automated file analysis platform that identifies suspicious files to detect malware. Built using modern container orchestration and automation technologies, the platform includes multiple analysis engines with the ability to build on further and deploy custom detection methods and workflows. It is the ideal toolbox for security teams and MSSPs to automate workloads, improve threat detection and speed up file analysis for quicker resolutions to threats.

Securing Mobile Payment Application

Payment systems have drastically evolved over the years, incorporating new technologies to provide better user experience and facilitate transactions. The arrival of these technologies has introduced new risks and threats, particularly with the development of payments from mobile platforms. Watch our 30 minutes webinar to learn more about :

  • Regulations and industry standards,
  • Technologies used to secure mobile payment applications.

How to achieve PCI CPoC?

PCI CPoC released in 2019 gave payment solutions vendors a framework to develop secure Soft POS applications on mobile platforms for contactless payments. Watch our 30 minutes webinar to learn more about: 

  • the PCI CPoc standard,
  • how to achieve PCI CPoC compliance in a timely fashion.

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