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Looking for a way to counter malware attacks from files?

Quarks Flow is an automated file analysis platform that identifies suspicious files to detect malware. Built using modern container orchestration and automation technologies, the platform includes multiple analysis engines with the ability to build on further and deploy custom detection methods and workflows. It is the ideal toolbox for security teams and MSSPs to automate workloads, improve threat detection and speed up file analysis for quicker resolutions to threats.

Securing Mobile Payment Application

Payment systems have drastically evolved over the years, incorporating new technologies to provide better user experience and facilitate transactions. The arrival of these technologies has introduced new risks and threats, particularly with the development of payments from mobile platforms. Watch our 30 minutes webinar to learn more about :

  • Regulations and industry standards,
  • Technologies used to secure mobile payment applications.

How to achieve PCI CPoC?

PCI CPoC released in 2019 gave payment solutions vendors a framework to develop secure Soft POS applications on mobile platforms for contactless payments. Watch our 30 minutes webinar to learn more about: 

  • the PCI CPoc standard,
  • how to achieve PCI CPoC compliance in a timely fashion.

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