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Code obfuscation & RASP to protect firmware, middleware and applications

Obfuscate your high valuable source code and protect your sensitive assets thanks to QShield compiler-obfuscator.
Protect your applications against static and dynamic analysis.

Application risks: What's at stake ?

Attackers can reverse engineer your code to steal your valuable IP or data. Without a secure technological approach, you risk:

  • IP theft, sensitive data extraction & tampering
  • reverse engineering practices stealing or copying the code
  • Negative brand image & customer perception

App protection from the first phase of design and conception, using advanced obfuscation techniques, is crucial to protect innovations from theft.

Application protection: Prevent attackers from gaining access to your sensitive assets

To prevent unauthorized parties from gaining insight, tampering with, or recovering the source code from the binary, implement software protection measures to preserve revenues and intellectual property.

Code & Data obfuscation

Protection against static analysis

  • 30+ obfuscation schemes available for C, C++, Java, Kotlin, Objective C and Swift
  • Granular control of the protection profile thanks to a file-based policy or comments throughout the code
  • Build diversification: each compiled application is different with a user-controlled randomness seed

Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)

Protection against dynamic analysis

  • Dynamic checks: detection of rooted or jailbroken devices
  • Integrity checks and detection of debuggers, emulators and hooking frameworks
  • Triggering of specific actions on the detection of anomalies

Best-in-class Software Protection

Choose among a large catalog of more than 30 obfuscation passes to protect your application, as well as device trust assessment features. By layering these protection mechanisms throughout software, your intellectual property will stay hidden from prying eyes.

Performance/Security ratio

Protection mechanisms can be applied either all at once or on selected software parts, allowing application developers to fine-tune their security profile depending on their software specific logic, in order to achieve the ideal approach towards allying performance and security.

Extensive professional services

Thanks to QShield flexibility and agility, security officers can design the most appropriate security configuration and count on our team of Subject Matter Experts to support them in achieving their objectives if needed.

App Protection with QShield

Code & data protection, dynamic protections, and integrity checks thanks to obfuscation & RASP.


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