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Comprehensive software protection against malicious access

Protect device firmware, middleware and apps from reverse engineering. Ensure environment sanity thanks to real-time remote monitoring capabilities. Resecure already deployed devices through over-the-air patches. Comprehensive security solution to build your defense against cyber-attacks.

Software Protection:
Secure your sensitive assets with QShield

QShield offers comprehensive software protection solutions for app manufacturers to safeguard data, secrets, and code within edge devices throughout the lifecycle. During development, QShield protects the applications against malicious access. Once deployed, QShield enables real-time monitoring and automatic updates in case of an incident.

Attackers can reverse engineer your code to steal your valuable IP or data.

Lack of visibility on security vulnerabilities on the field, risks damage to devices and jeopardizes revenues.

An attack on one device can compromise an entire fleet.

Protect your innovations from theft to maintain profits and a positive brand image.

Put in place observability tools to monitor security sanity & usage.

Address security incidents on time, with automatic updates and avoid device recall.

On the field and lab tested proven security

Faster certification time for payment vendors
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Faster certification time for payment vendors

All QShield components have been successfully certified under the stringent evaluation process for Software-Based Mobile Payment Solution, by an independent third-party lab.

QShield is also the first product worldwide to have a white-box cryptography component certified under this evaluation process.

This certification guarantees a high level of security assurance as technologies evaluated under this process must showcase a high level of robustness, which is of importance for mobile payment applications, and can be further leveraged for other applications such as for the entertainment industry or protecting software Intellectual Property.

QShield: Software protection in the real world

Viaccess-Orca was looking for an organisation able to offer a high level of proximity and responsiveness to threats and this is what we have found with Quarkslab.

Our teams are now working closely together to obfuscate source code, protect encryption keys for our secure player as well as maintain the best ratio between performance and security.

Cédric Hardouin

Executive VP R&D, Viaccess-Orca


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