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Security operations: Streamline threat detection within your IT infrastructure

Basic threat detection in place but still have malware spread within the organization?

Complex IT infrastructures, different security strategies across entities, disconnected security tools, all increase the risk of malware infection.

Integrate an advanced detection platform to build an additional layer of trust in your IT solutions. Scan any malicious content before it enters your organization’s network.

Inadequate protection and inefficient security operations risk malicious files entering your network

Inadequate security measures and inefficient security operations can lead to malicious files and data breaches in your network. Existing IT infrastructure may fall short against emerging cyber threats, leaving vulnerabilities in infrastructure security. Security teams often grapple with large volumes of data from numerous tools, adding to the complexity. Enhancing detection capabilities to keep up with evolving risks without regularly updating the infrastructure poses a significant challenge. A robust cybersecurity strategy is critical to safeguard against advanced threats.

Outdated defenses

Existing solutions in your IT infrastructure may not protect against evolving threats

Data overload

Your security teams are weighed down with the vast data generated from multiple tools

Scalability issues

Not easy to ensure detection capability grows without requiring constant infrastructure upgrades

Enrich detection and simplify your security operations
with a unified platform

Comprehensive threat detection

Exhaustive detection methods scan all incoming content before it reaches an organization’s network


A single hub for file analysis. Reduce the number of tools your team interacts with

Scalable and

The platform scales to match your growth. Standardized security throughout your infrastructure.

Security operations: Secure, Simplify, Streamline

Quarkslab’s advanced file and URL analysis solution combines static, dynamic, and morphological analysis techniques, automates common detection and analysis tasks, and streamlines security operations. Simply integrate your IT solutions via ICAP/API with QFlow to scan malicious content before it enters your organization’s network (Web application firewall, mail gateway, SOAR, MFT server, NAS).

Built on a sovereign infrastructure, our platform is designed to give back control over your data to you. Choose between on-premise or a trusted SaaS.


Malware Protection Made Easy

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