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Incident Response: Optimizing response and recovery

When under attack or after, time is critical. 

During an attack, the challenge is to prevent the spreading of the intrusion. Hence, analysis and triage of every potential threat is essential to contain the attack. Automation allows to scale both, and let your team focus where it is needed.

After an attack, the challenge is rebuilding trust. Is my back-up safe? Is my recovery clean? The huge amount of analysis to perform requires uncommon capacity that only dedicated platforms like QFlow are suited to provide.

Incident Response: The challenges

In incident response and recovery, the main challenge is quickly analyzing files to identify threats. With the high volume of files in networks, it’s hard for teams to efficiently spot malicious files. This process is pressured by the need to act fast to reduce harm. Mistakenly identifying safe files as threats or missing harmful ones adds to the difficulty. Overall, this makes responding to and recovering from incidents a complex task that requires advanced tools and skilled experts.

Incident Response: Our Use Cases

Bulk file analysis

Automatically send data from a file server, all files from a specified directory or from an archive for analysis through our public API and receive summarized report.

Restore trust

Scan all files from a compromised system to ensure only clean files are migrated.
Secure the new system and environment while restoring data.

Prepare for cyberattacks

Deploy on premise, airgap or on the Cloud

Maximize the number of analyzed files

Minimize recovery time to protect your business

Automate incident response workloads

Incident response: Secure, Simplify, Streamline

During an attack, time is the essence. As a threat analysis solution QFlow enables your CERT to easily scale up analysis capacity to match the increasing workloads and resume operations for your organization sooner.

QFlow, the successor to Irma, is our next-generation malware analysis platform. It is a cloud-ready platform designed to be scalable, available and reliable. It runs on Kubernetes and works on all major public cloud providers, private clouds and on-premise environments.

The platform also comes with a rich set of APIs to integrate with other systems within your IT infrastructure. It has an intuitive UI that caters to regular users, security analysts and power users.


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