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IoT Security:
Secure your IoT devices at any time

Build protection, device monitoring and recovery capabilities, no matter where you are in your IoT journey-from conception to market deployment.

IoT Security: Why it's essential

Securing IoT devices across their lifecycle is crucial for managing risks.

In the development phase, protecting proprietary code is key to preventing device counterfeiting, thus safeguarding brand reputation and revenues. During production, real-time monitoring of security vulnerabilities is essential to avoid device damage. In the deployment stage, the focus shifts to quick recovery from security breaches, utilizing automatic over-the-air updates to reduce fleet-wide impacts and prevent device recalls.

This comprehensive approach ensures robust protection against evolving threats at each stage of the IoT device lifecycle.

Manage risks by securing
your IoT devices throughout their lifecycle

Protect your business values
Prevent attackers from stealing your code of innovation to avoid risk of device counterfeiting. Protect your brand image and future revenues.
Monitor vulnerabilities
Lack of visibility on security vulnerabilities in the field risks damage to devices, affecting your revenues. Monitor in real-time the environment in which your fleet operates.
Recover from incidents
Reduce impact of a security breach on the entire fleet. Respond on time with automatic updates OTA and avoid risk of device recall.


QShield enables you to mitigate cybersecurity risks and ensure integrity and confidentiality of your IoT devices

Protect IP & data with a low code approach

Our code and data protection technologies prevent malicious actors from reverse engineering your application. Thanks to a low code approach, QShield complexifies a simple code and helps to hide operations, making it hard for attackers to understand how an app behaves. Easily protect your sensitive assets from theft or tampering right from the device conception stage.

Observe security sanity
& device usage

QShield enables device makes and fleet operators to monitor the security sanity of their devices remotely and the environment in which they operate, all in real-time. With Moving Target Defense, it’s easier to evolve your security strategy from time to time and adapt countermeasures based on alerts and information received from the field.

Resecure with
OTA updates

Often devices share TLS certificates stored in unprotected configuration files. In case of a security incident, QShield enables you to deploy automatic security updates over-the-air by simply provisioning unique keys to devices. Resecure a compromised device even after market release and adapt the level of protection independently from the supply chain without the need for any hardware element.

Comprehensive, best in class security approach
Build your robust defense against IoT cyber attacks

Discover our security solution modules that fit in at every phase of your IoT journey

QShield App Protection

Comprehensive software protection for firmware, middleware and applications.

Protect against static and dynamic attacks thanks to code & data obfuscation and RASP (Runtime Application Self Protection).

QShield Keys Protection

White-box cryptography combines methods of encryption and obfuscation to embed secret keys within an application code. The code and keys are combined to make the two indistinguishable to an attacker.

QShield Data Protection

Securely store secrets and data for IoT objects without the need for a pre-existing secure element. Developers can encrypt and decrypt TLS certificates and authentication credentials and deploy over-the-air to resecure your current fleet.

QShield Environment Checks

QShield provisions two libraries that can be integrated in the Cloud and within the device to monitor the security capabilities and functionalities in real time, allowing timely detection and response when there’s a security risk. Analyzed data can be easily integrated into existing observability tools or pushed to a data lake.


Brochure IoT Security

Resecuring an IoT fleet after its market release

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