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White-box Cryptography Software

Keep your cryptographic keys secured thanks to an easy to integrate library.
Protect your keys against software and hardware attacks without requiring any dedicated hardware component.

Software-based cryptography

Support cryptographic algorithms

Our product offers white-box implementations of the most common cryptographic algorithms available on the market, fitting specific use cases in entertainement and mobile payment market segments.

Unique white-box implementations

Keys Protection has been developed with a special white-box generation technology: with this design, each implementation is unique and not shared among customers.


Keys Protection is audited on a regular basis and has been found resistant against known side-channel attacks on white-box cryptography (BGE,DCA,DFA…)

Unprotected keys can be quickly found even by unskilled attackers through visual inspections of a binary. If a software or device can be accessed by an attacker, either remotely or locally, white-box cryptography is to be considered to protect your cryptographic keys and ensure a safe usage of your application and data.


Securing Mobile Payment Applications - Whitepaper

Securing Mobile Payment Application - Webinar

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