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Come and join us!

Join an innovative company and a passionate team, which gives you the means to grow, be yourself and give your best every day!

At Quarkslab, we pride ourselves on our cutting-edge technical expertise in cybersecurity. We’re passionate about researching and developing advanced solutions to protect our customers.

Our values


We strive to understand and support our employees, customers and partners to create impactful connections.


We encourage a spirit of mutual support, knowledge-sharing and celebration of collective success.


We value intellectual curiosity and the spirit of innovation, and encourage our employees to ask questions, challenge the status quo and seek creative solutions.


We act with honesty, ethics and transparency, respecting moral values and demonstrating responsibility towards our employees, customers and partners.


We draw on the experience of trusted professionals to innovate, challenging the status quo with pragmatism and simplicity

Our Vision

As digital technology permeates every part of our lives, at Quarkslab we like to think we’re helping to drive its adoption by eliminating security concerns. How do we do this? By challenging the status quo when it comes to cybersecurity.

We also use this knowledge:

  • to inspire creative thinking to build the state of the art,
  • to keep up with the fast-changing evolution of threats targeting every system,
  • to anticipate and adapt to attacks, coming from everywhere.
We believe in creating knowledge through security research to protect digital assets. We develop this knowledge by making it accessible to all. Because we believe that security is everyone’s business, because there can be no freedom without security.

Our benefits

Evolve in an innovative company.

Flexible way of working
& Work-Life Balance

We offer a flexible working environment, including an adaptive working from home policy and the possibility of working from abroad for up to 30 days a year, for an optimized work-life balance.

& Collaboration

We’re all about learning and sharing, with regular interaction between teams and rewarding internal events that encourage innovation and development.

& Impact

We believe in our employees’ ability to innovate and develop their technical expertise, thanks to our strong R&D culture. You’ll be able to explore new technologies and make your mark on the world of cybersecurity.

Our recruitment process

A 4-stage process
For technical profiles:

Step 1

Screening interview with our talent acquisition specialist
(30 to 45 min)

Step 2

Interview with a manager, followed by a technical challenge that will be sent to you
(45 to 60 min)

Step 3

Your presentation of the technical challenge with two of our experts
(45 to 60 min)

Step 4

Team interview & debriefing of the technical test
(30 min)

For non-technical profiles

Step 1

Screening interview with our talent acquisition specialist
(30 to 45 min)

Step 2

Interview with a manager, followed by a case study that will be sent to you (depending on the role)
(45 to 60 min)

Step 3

Presentation of the case study
(45 to 60 min)

Step 4

Interview with the team
(30 min)

Our job offers

Spontaneous application

Join an innovative and committed company, a passionate and motivated team, which gives you the means to flourish, to be yourself and to give your best every day!