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Data protection: securely store secrets and data

Simply protect your sensitive assets without dealing with complex and device specific protocols.
Your data is always stored encrypted and can only be decrypted in authorised devices.

Data Protection: What's at stake ?

Data is by far one of the most valuable assets, believed to be stored in a secure vault and decrpyted only when needed. However, the reality is that it is stored in unprotected configuration files or within firmwares. Protecting against extraction, counterfeiting, and tampering of sensitive data used by an application is essential to maintain confidentiality, prevent unauthorized access, data manipulation or falsification.

A plug and play data protection solution

Authentication tokens, unique identifiers, and passwords are sensitive data which can be used by hackers for fraud or counterfeiting. QShield Data Protection enables developers to securely store their valuable data for devices and applications using software and/or hardware security components.

data encryption

By providing an abstraction layer for data encryption for different platforms, application developpers are sure to protect sensitive data without having to reimplement security measures for each supported platform.

Unique to each peripheral - binded to your device

Data Protection creates fingerprints for each device, making sure that even if lifted, the application cannot be used, guaranteeing against application repackaging.

Easy project

Available as a C and C++ software libraries, Data Protection can easily be integrated into any project through simple API calls.

Data Protection with QShield

Safely store sensitive data using software and/or hardware security components.


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