Fighting emerging challenges in malware analysis & threat hunting

As technologies and business models evolved over the years, so did the threat landscape with ransomware, exfiltration and large-scale targeted attacks being added to the existing pool of threats that analysts have to monitor. Read the white paper to get an insight into the current state of affairs in cybersecurity and the different challenges security teams and organisations face today.

Whitepaper – June 2021


Securing mobile

Payment systems are at the heart of the global economy. Over the past few decades, electronic payments have grown at a fast pace, supplanting traditional payment systems such as cheques and cash. Read the white paper to learn more about what new risks and threats were introduced with the arrival of the development of payments from mobile platforms.

Whitepaper – June 2021


Application Shielding and MovieLabs Enhanced Content Protection

The global entertainment and media market reached a sheer size of 2.1 trillion dollars in 2018, with a projection at 2.6 trillion dollars in 2023, according to the Global Entertainment & Media Outlook report by PwC.

Content production grew as well over the years: Netflix, a newcomer in the landscape of video production, has put out more than 1500 hours of series, films and other types of content on its platform in 2018.

Article – November 2020


How to achieve
PCI CPoC Compliance

In the last decade only, the number of contactless payments has been multiplied by by ten. In 2019, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) released a security standard to give payment solution vendors a framework to develop secure mobile application payment, the PCI CPoC.Read the article to learn how you can comply with the latest PCI CPoC regulation.

Article – July 2020


Protecting video

The streaming video market is currently being boosted by mobile devices. Viaccess-Orca, one of the world’s leading providers of OTT and TV platform solutions, content protection and advanced data analysis solutions was looking for a way to protect video content. Read the case study to understand how Quarkslab has been  supporting Viaccess-Orca in its quest.

Case studies – September 2020


How-to Guide :

Did you know the number of vulnerabilities found in software has recently doubled ? This is due to the increasing use of automatic vulnerability researching process called fuzzing. Implementing fuzzing tests early in a product development lifecycle is an efficient and cheap technique to identify bugs or security issues. Read the how-to guide to learn how to include automatic security testing in your development cycle.

How-to Guide – March 2020


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