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Supply chain security: Secure your intellectual property

Quarkslab empowers manufacturers to send their high-value IP to their supply chain with peace of mind by applying security features to firmware to prevent device counterfeiting.

Supply chain security: What's at stake ?

The risks to your valuable intellectual property within the supply chain can be substantial, given multiple actors and entities involved in software development, distribution, and maintenance.

Trust in the supply chain is crucial but not always straightforward, especially when considering the multiple parties and the tools they use. These tools could, intentionally or unintentionally, compromise your code. When software is distributed to third parties or exported abroad, the code is exposed to unknown environments and actors in the supply chain. The lack of control over who has access to the sensitive data and code means your software risks reverse engineering, unauthorized access, or leaks.

With robust protections, it is easier to maintain supply chain security.

Supply chain security: Our use cases

Supply chain security: Design

Protecting your product firmware before its release is crucial. Add an extra security layer with QShield

Protect your valuable intellectual property from the first phase of design and conception.

Advanced obfuscation techniques prevent malicious actors from gaining insight, tampering with, or recovering the source code from the binary. Secure your innovations from theft and maintain trust within your software supply chain.

Supply chain security: After market

Your product does not have any security features? Use our software-based solution to protect your valuable IP.

If countermeasures were not integrated at the time of design or you need to enhance the level of security after the devices have been deployed in the market, you can still secure your intellectual property without having to modify your supply chain.

Deploy advanced protection mechanisms over the air without needing a hardware secure element and ensure supply chain security.


When building your commercial proposal, consider technological and legal solutions

Just before launching your product, QShield can be integrated in a matter of days


Even if your product is released or licenced, QShield can protect actual and future iterations of your software

Supply Chain Security with QShield

Preserve software Intellectual Property from attackers with a layered security approach that protects both your source code and data.

Universal solution

Works for every platform (MCU/MPU) or target OS

Compatible with constrained environments such as low power MCUs


Brochure QShield

Resecuring an IoT fleet after its market release

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