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Blockchain security

Transparency and a high level of functional and cryptographic security are essential prerequisites for the successful launch of a new technology (zero-knowledge proof, ring signature, BLS signature, proof-of-work, cross consensus communication, decentralized primitives, etc.) within a short timeframe.

Your technology reputation requires the ability to communicate on its robustness and to rely on a 3rd party organization recognized for its high standards and expertise.

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Why is blockchain security essential ?

A security audit is vital for ensuring the robustness and trustworthiness of decentralized systems, especially in the context of blockchain cybersecurity.

The QLab experts team conducts a thorough assessment in order to identify potential weaknesses in smart contracts, address vulnerabilities, and enhance overall security. Our experts scrutinize the intricacies of zero-knowledge proofs, ring signatures, BLS signatures, proof-of-work, cross-consensus communication, and other critical elements.
This approach ensures the resilience of blockchain technologies, fostering confidence in their functionalities and reinforcing the integrity of cryptographic operations within a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

  • How to prove the safety of a blockchain-based system and increase trust for the user community in an environment advocating transparency of exchanges and their intrinsic safety?
  • How to carry out external audits in an unregulated world in the absence of safety standards and regulations?
  • How do you secure implementations with scalable, complex, and ecosystem-specific languages?

Blockchain security: Your benefits

Propose solutions that have been the subject of public critical reviews

Gain the trust of users and investors in your know-how and solutions

Our solutions

  • Audit the cryptographic bricks in full transparency of your solution to ensure a critical review of your implementations and to make public the audit reports after fixing the vulnerabilities
  • Capacity to work on new bricks of technology: zeroknowledge proof, ring signature, BLS signature, proofof-work, cross consensus communication, decentralised primitives

Our added value

  • Our expertise in functional and cryptographic safety
  • Our knowledge of the State of the Art and new technological bricks (ZK proof, ring signature, BLS signature, proofof-work, cross consensus communication, decentralised primitives, etc.)
  • Our ability to work with different complex and ecosystem-specific languages and our ability to quickly build skills
  • The recognition of our established company in the field and referenced by renowned actors


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