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Remotely monitor the security sanity of your IoT, desktop and mobile devices

Observe the security sanity and device usage by collecting and processing security information from the fleet, all in real time.
Detect and anticipate security risks, adapt countermeasures in line with usage, and apply Moving Target Defense techniques.

Access actionable insights by monitoring on-field activity

Existing monitoring systems may not provide runtime security information, leaving service operators unaware about security flaws and vulnerabilities of their fleet. QShield Environment Checks gives you visibility on your fleet security as well as information on how your devices are used.

Diverse security insights in real time

  • Debugger detection
  • Reverse engineering tool detection
  • Emulator detection
  • Code/data tampering

Ensure security sanity of fleet

  • Make defense strategy movable to ensure a robust security framework
  • Pilot the security strategy and adapt the service in real time

Monitor actual device usage

  • Adapt countermeasures based on information received from the fleet
  • Design your service according to your customer’s risk profile

QShield Environment Checks

Monitor device fleet sanity and detect tampering in real time. Adapt security policies thanks to Moving Target Defense.


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Resecuring an IoT fleet after its market release

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