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Mastering cryptography has become essential to value and protect your assets, your users’ communications and their personal data.

Continuous technological evolutions (quantum computing, …), strict regulatory constraints or due diligence process lead you to regularly check the robustness and resilience of your security, whether to validate your existing choices or for new designs.

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Cryptography: what you need to know

Welcome to the world of cryptography at Quarkslab, a shield for your digital realm.

Cryptography is essential for data security, integrity and confidentiality.

At QLab, our goal is to safeguard you from potential attacks and enhance your cryptographic keys with the use of advanced methods like elliptic curve cryptography or homomorphic encryption. In a digital landscape that evolves, our commitment to your safety remains unwavering with post-quantum and quantum cryptography. At Quarkslab, your digital security is our dedicated mission.

  • How do you balance the complexity of cryptography with ease of use?
  • How to respect an abundant, evolving and complicated State of the Art?
  • How to design a cryptographic system from theory to practice and be ready for the post-quantum revolution?

Cryptography: your benefits

your business model

At every stage, from cryptographic choices to their implementation: no data leakage, no wrong authentication, no replay attacks, etc.

Costs (OpEx)

Maintaining an expert team to design or assess cryptographic systems represents a significant cost and HR complexity given the lack of profiles

certifications process

A good preparation and external support in writing cryptographic specifications significantly accelerated and increases your success rate

Our solutions

  • Cryptographic system design: from whiteboard to implementation, external expertise to avoid classic and less frequent mistakes
  • PQ crypto: anticipating the efficient quantum computing leading to replace RSA and other elliptical courbes in emergency
  • Implementation: Control the gap between a robust paperbased cryptographic system and lines of code
  • Vulnerability testing: implementation errors or new attacks, regularly re-evaluate your code

Our added value

  • An R&D Lab recognized and with CSPN certification by ANSSI around reverse engineering, cryptography and vulnerability research
  • A team of experts composed of PhDs in cryptography who maintain their academic expertise and confront it with operational and real challenges
  • A detailed knowledge of regulations associated with cryptography usage


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