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Mastering cryptography has become essential to value and protect your assets, your users’ communications and their personal data.

Continuous technological evolutions (quantum computing, …), strict regulatory constraints or due diligence process lead you to regularly check the robustness and resilience of your security, whether to validate your existing choices or for new designs.

Main challenges

Cryptography is a high risk field for new proprietary protocol developments with specific constraints, especially regarding techniques such as multi-party computation, fully homomorphic encryption, functional encryption, or even the need to meet regulatory requirements.

Our solutions

Our experts get PhDs and combine and maintain their academic expertise with real-life experience.
They get also ITSEF approval for these very specific skills. They will support you with advice, audits capabilities and exhaustive reports on your use of cryptography from the design phase to the postdeployment phase:

  • we adopt an offensive posture and check the resistance of your system or software and its adequacy to the actual (and future) regulatory requirements
  • we help you define cryptographic schemes that will make your specific development robust over time
To access the main works realized by our teams: visit our blog