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Safeguard your mobile revenues by reducing fraud

Quarkslab provides a solution for mobile application developers to protect their mobile revenues, such as microtransactions and billing information.

Uses cases

Microtransactions protection

Protect your mobile revenues by preventing attackers to cheat and bypass microtransactions

Billing information (telemetry)

Prevent attackers looking to fraud by sending falsified data back to your servers


When building your commercial proposal, consider technological and legal solutions Pre-launch Just before launching your product, Qshield can be integrated in a matter of days.
Even if your product is released or licenced, Qshield can protect actual and future iterations of your software


Preserve software Intellectual Property from attackers with a layered security approach that protects both your source code and data.


Securing Mobile Payment Applications - Whitepaper

Securing Mobile Payment Application - Webinar

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