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Vault Software

Simply protect your sensitive assets without dealing with complex and device specific protocols.
Your data is always stored encrypted and can only be decrypted in authorised devices.

Authentication tokens, unique identifiers, passwords are sensitive data which can be used by hackers for fraud or counterfeiting.

Data leakage of these information put organizations at risk of reputational damage and loss of revenue.

Data encryption, at rest and in transit, safeguard against these risks. To this intent, platform manufacturers and operating systems vendors offer APIs for data encryption leveraging hardware security features or security features provided by a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).

However, these functions are platform and software dependant, and thus not universally available, as well as hard to apprehend for those which are not versed in security matters.

If an application is built for several platforms, misusing these APIs or having to reimplement each protection scheme for each platform means that secrets, logins, passwords are at risk of being in the clear for attackers to grab.

An abstraction layer for cryptographic operations

data encryption

By providing an abstraction layer for data encryption for different platforms, application developpers are sure to protect sensitive data without having to reimplement security measures for each supported platform.

Unique to each peripheral - binded to your device

Data Protection creates fingerprints for each device, making sure that even if lifted, the application cannot be used, guaranteeing against application repackaging.

Easy project

Available as a C and C++ software libraries, Data Protection can easily be integrated into any project through simple API calls.

To answer this challenge, Data Protection has been built to offer application developers an easy to use and reliable API to encrypt secrets by leveraging available cryptographic hardware capabilities (Secure Element or Trusted Execution Environment).

If not available, Data Protection automatically defaults to software-based cryptography, ensuring that your data is never stored in clear text.


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