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Configuration Audit

You would like to migrate your servers to more recent systems or check the robustness of your existing application configuration or network equipment while ensuring compliance with security standards, policies and best practices?

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Main challenges

There are many challenges when a company wants to deploy a new systems, applications or networks appliance:
  • check the compliance of configurations with recognized standards: ANSSI RGS, CIS, NIST, etc. or those related to an internal policy
  • ensure that assets configuration does not create any security risk that could impact the information system
  • analyse and control the growing sets of rules on security equipment: firewalls, IDS/IPS…
  • apply effective identity and access management to prevent fraudulent access (life cycle of users / service accounts)
  • check the efficiency of specific configurations (EDR, IPS, etc.)

Our solutions

Get support of our pentest team on configuration issues:
  • deep knowledge of systems and networks
  • deep knowledge of many solutions to address a wide range of applications
  • large range of skills, in particular through the R&D work of the internal laboratory on new technologies
  • an approach to rule out false positives: automated collection and manual verification of configuration items
  • the use of recognized tools: Nessus Professional, Nipper


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