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External Pentest

Do you want to assess the security of your online assets by impersonating an attacker in possession of limited information on your environment: IP addresses (Black box mode) and user account(s) on accessible services (Grey box mode)?

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Main challenges

Numerous services other than web applications can be proposed and made accessible online: VPN accesses, administration platforms, email servers, file storage services, even databases. Hence various threats exist: taking control of a server, theft of a customer database, intrusion on the company internal network… and putting in place relevant protections may be challenging, for example:
  • Making sure only the selected services are accessible online: IP filtering, FW rules, initial authentication…
  • Making sure the exposed services are up to date and cannot be easily compromised
  • Using a robust enough configuration to avoid specific attacks on those services
  • Checking the authentication mechanisms and prevent intrusions caused by the use of weak passwords
  • Detecting potential attacks: Exploitation, brut force…

Our solutions

Quarkslab external pentests enable to address the different challenges exposed here, particularly by:
  • targeting network, system and applicative levels
  • using dedicated tools in addition to manual tests and to our permanent technology watch to identify vulnerabilities exposed
  • establishing combined attack scenarios
  • complement our external assets discovery offer in order for you to have a global vision of your level of online exposure and protection


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