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Proactive Threat Mitigation

Identify and address vulnerabilities before malicious actors do, bolstering cybersecurity defenses and reducing the risk of data breaches.

External mapping

Identify your entry points on the Internet and your exposition to external threats

External penetration testing

Fix external vulnerabilities before malicious actors use them

Web penetration testing

Demonstrate compliance with regulation and standards through comprehensive reports

Mobile penetration testing

Protect your reputation and improve user trust by identifying vulnerabilities

Internal penetration testing

Anticipate an internal intruder spreading in your infrastructure

Configuration audit

Identify all your access points and their actual isolation

Wi-Fi penetration testing

Make sure no parameter has been forgotten or misconfigured opening doors

Red Team & Adversary simulation

Improve your security with objective-led assessment, simulating real-world cyber attacks using advanced TTPs

Our benefits

A team with solid profiles and appropriate certifications.

Our team



SANS-SEC560 (Enterprise Pentest)

SANS-SEC760 (Exploit for Pentest)

SANS-FOR508 (Advanced Forensic)




An experienced team to create unique pentests tailored to each context.


12 years of existence

Reverse Engineering

Vulnerability Research






SSTIC, BlackHat, Hardware.io…

Our tools

Vulnerability testing in Kubernetes environment
Elevation of privileges in the Android emulator
File system mapping
Emulation and symbolic execution
Scripting automation under IDA

Regulatory Compliance

Demonstrate your compliance with industry regulations and standards through comprehensive penetration testing reports, minimizing legal and financial risks.

Enhanced Security

Gain actionable insights to fine-tune security strategies, prioritize investments, and strengthen overall cybersecurity posture against evolving threats.