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Technical Due Dilligence

As a CISO, prior or during purchase or integration of a new application/software/IT product in your company, you would like to check:

  • the security properties level (respect of the editor’s promise)
  • the absence of vulnerability introduced
  • the absence of malicious function(s)

As an Investment Fund (VC) or an Entrepreneur, you would like to assess the security level of an application/product or a service during a Merger/Acquisition project of a software or product provider.

Talk to our experts

  • As a CIO or CISO, how to proactively assess the potential risk generated by a new component to be integrated into your Information System (IS)?
  • As an investor, how do you evaluate the robustness of a solution against attacks?
  • How to obtain a quick and global opinion on a product safety and its safety impact on an IS?

Your benefits

at various levels

From the technical expert to Executives

for vulnerabilities

By adapting methodologies to various time constraints

Costs (OpEx)

Maintaining a team of experts to evaluate systems on evolving technologies on an ad hoc basis represents a significant cost and HR complexity given the lack of profiles

Our solutions

  • Flash audits (a few days) to check good practices and the level of safety maturity
  • In-depth audits to understand the strengths and safety limitations of your solutions
  • Advanced scenarios to simulate attackers determined to obtain your secrets (IP, data…)

Our added value

  • An R&D Lab recognized with CSPN certification by ANSSI
    around reverse engineering, cryptography and vulnerability
  • Our ability to understand all levels of safety, from hardware
    systems to applications and cloud services


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