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Cloud Environment:
Audit and Consulting

You have the responsibility to ensure that your Cloud infrastructure has the right level of security and that best practices are implemented at the «state of the art» (rights management, business rules, …) or to migrate your assets from your own IT infrastructure to the Cloud without losing control?

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  • How to ensure that the State of the Art in safety applies in your Cloud infrastructure?
  • How can you verify the impact of your assets migration from your IT infrastructure to the cloud?
  • How to control data transfers between the IT and cloud zones of your IS?

Your benefits

Benefit from a team of multidisciplinary experts trained and certified on many services offered by the main Cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP)

Our independence from the different Cloud providers

Our solutions

  • Evaluate the management of identities, delegations and access, integration and configuration of your resources (servers, containers, Azure AD DS, vault)
  • Investigate specific vulnerabilities by verifying the proper implementation of the integrity, confidentiality and authenticity of your backups

Our added value

  • A wide range of skills to cover all aspects: application, confidentiality, secret management, identity management, etc.
  • A modular approach ranging from depth (search for vulnerabilities) to completeness (pentest)


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