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Safely connect brownfield devices to IoT cloud platforms

Quarkslab empowers device fleet managers to securely extend the capabilities of their existing device fleet with a solution to store cloud platform authentication certificates/tokens securely.

Uses cases

Security of cloud data authentication tokens

Prevent your IoT fleet to be compromised by safely storing auth tokens on the device

Transmitted data security

Ensure that the data transmitted by a device is genuine thanks to Qshield


When building your commercial proposal, consider technological and legal solutions
Construction of the offer​
Just before launching your product, Qshield can be integrated in a matter of days
Even if your product is released or licenced, Qshield can protect actual and future iterations of your software


Preserve software Intellectual Property from attackers with a layered security approach that protects both your source code and data.


No secure element or TPM needed for key/certificate storage

Avoid recalling devices (Mender)

Avoid sending a technician for on-site updates (Mender)


Brochure QShield

Resecuring an IoT fleet after its market release

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