Secure removable devices usage

In energy, defense, banking or manufacturing, production or operations sites have been shut down because a USB stick with a malware has been plugged where it should not when it should not.

Build a cheap end point, that we call KIOSK, to monitor removable devices usage, manage them in a central place where you also gather all your data regarding malware and threats.

Regain control over the removable devices to protect your infrastructure. 

KIOSK features

If you are looking  to:

  • Protect your infrastructure from USB based attacks.
  • Have a central device management and threat intel platform.
  • Both ease and secure USB sticks usage in your critical infrastructure.

Support various media

KIOSKs work with many different storage system: USB, optical, hard drive... Building KIOSK is cheap and easy. The centralized management levels up your defense.

Analyzis & sanitization

Simply insert media and receive an email to retrieve safe files. Visual dashboard with detailed results including number of files analyzed, type of malware etc.

Flexible deployment

The KIOSK can run on a touch screen display, tablet, mobile or laptop deployed either on premise including airgap mode or in the Cloud.

Protect your critical infrastructure

Anytime portable media accesses secure environment, the critical infrastructure is exposed to malware. With cyberattacks now more sophisticated than ever, safeguard your infrastructure with a solution equally advanced. QFlow powered KIOSKs combine different analysis tools to scan files for malicious content, give immediate reports classifying files as safe or unsafe and protect your environment from a potential breach.

With QFlow, you recouncile the use of removable medias and security : users can no work with removable medias safely.

Our product

Qflow, the successor to Irma, is our next-generation Malware analysis platform. It is a cloud-ready platform designed to be scalable, available and reliable. It runs on Kubernetes and works on all major public cloud providers, private clouds and on-premise environments.

The platform also comes with a rich set of APIs to integrate with other systems within your IT infrastructure. It has an intuitive UI that caters to regular users, security analysts and power users.


Automation of Security Analysis Workloads: why and how?

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