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Suspicious file & URL Analysis

Analyze threats from files within your network. Check URL’s before accessing unknown websites. Improve organizational security awareness. Restore trust after a breach.

Cyber-attacks continue to evolve in volume, complexity and frequency.

Make your cyber-defense a process.

Use cases

Self-service detection

Assess easily whether a file or URL are dangerous, preview them through web UI, for your users.

Quick malware analysis

Maximize accuracy, minimize time to react with pre-defined workflows for your SOC operators.

High volume file triage

Speed up processing of high volume of files, enable your analysts to focus on in-depth-analysis.

Improve your cyber-defense process

with an intuitive file analysis platform streamlining your security operations

Reduce the number of false positives
Maximize malware detection rate
Streamline security operations
Empower your security analysts

Make security expertise accessible

Quarkslab’s file and URL analysis solution combines the use of multiple tools and techniques, automates common detection and analysis tasks and enables efficient operations, allowing your team to reserve its expertise for advanced workloads.


Malware Protection Made Easy

Looking for a way to counter malware attacks from files?


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