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Article | QShield: the best way to protect your innovations’ intellectual property

In today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving business landscape, protecting the intellectual property linked to innovations is more important than ever. Innovations are often the result of significant investments in time, money, and resources, and they represent a crucial source of income for companies. However, protecting these innovations is not always easy, as many challenges need to be addressed.  One solution to address the different challenges is QShield.

QShield: a solution that covers all the bases to protect your innovations’ intellectual property

Whether you are a startup or a well-established company, the IP you create is a valuable asset to protect to ensure your business’s long-term success Inadequate intellectual protection poses several economic, social, and reputational threats to your company.

From an economic perspective, IP theft can cause significant financial losses to your business and even cause a rise in costs linked to potential legal battles that could ensue. Regarding the social aspect, inadequate protection can add extra strain to employees, and theft can lead to demoralization and despair from the teams that worked on these innovations. Additionally, IP theft can damage a company’s reputation, leading to lost business and decreased customer loyalty. 

So, protecting the intellectual property of your innovations is critical, and that is where QShield comes in. QShield is a software that helps companies protect their applications and devices from theft, particularly “industrial espionage.” This type of theft occurs when someone reuses a company’s software to resell it. As it’s much less visible than other types of attacks, such as ransomware, it is often overlooked or ignored. However, the impact of industrial espionage can be just as significant as it can lead to a loss of income and damage to a company’s reputation.

One of the main challenges of protecting intellectual property is that it can be difficult to prove that IP has been stolen. For example, a company may suspect that its software is being reverse-engineered by a competitor, but it can be hard to prove that this is the case. QShield addresses this challenge by providing a solution that helps companies protect their software from theft. QShield can be used to prevent others from stealing a company’s intellectual property.

In short, QShield addresses the various challenges of IP protection by providing a technological solution that helps companies protect their software from theft and by providing a way to prove that a company is the originator of the intellectual property. This solution is particularly useful for companies that want to protect their incremental innovations that are not covered by a patent.

QShield: State-of-the-Art Technology to Protect Your Innovations

QShield is a comprehensive solution designed to protect your innovations from theft and unauthorized use. It includes several key features that work together to protect your intellectual property.

  • Encryption and Cryptographic Signature

Encryption is the process of converting plain text into a coded format that can only be read by someone with the appropriate decryption key. A cryptographic signature is a digital signature that uses a private key to sign a document, and a public key to verify the signature. Together, encryption and cryptographic signatures secure your software data from theft by making it unreadable to anyone without the appropriate decryption key.

  • Obfuscation

Obfuscation is the process of making code difficult to understand by making it harder to read and analyze. This is accomplished by using techniques such as renaming variables and functions, removing comments, and avoiding the usage of tools that can be used by a reverse engineer. Obfuscation makes it more difficult for others to reverse-engineer your code, which helps protect your intellectual property from theft.

  • Digital Vault

A digital vault is a secure storage system that allows you to store your data in a way that is protected from unauthorized access. The digital vault uses advanced security measures such as encryption and access controls to ensure that your secrets are kept safe and secure. This feature of QShield is particularly useful for storing sensitive information, such as trade secrets and confidential data, that need to be protected from potential breaches.

QShield’s state-of-the-art technology is specifically designed to protect applications, data and cryptographic keys against attacks.

QShield: A Robust and Proven Software Protection Tool

QShield is a robust and proven software protection tool (SPT) that has been successfully certified under the stringent evaluation process of EMVCo for Software-Based Mobile Payment Solutions, by an independent third-party lab. This certification guarantees a high level of security assurance, as technologies evaluated under this process must showcase a high level of robustness, which is essential for mobile payment applications, and can be further leveraged for applications in other industries such as the entertainment industry or for protecting software Intellectual Property.

QShield is also the first product worldwide to have a white-box cryptography component certified under this evaluation process. This certification guarantees that QShield’s white-box cryptography is secure and that it can be used to protect cryptographic keys from prying eyes.

QShield consists of three components to protect code, data, and cryptographic keys. The App protection component uses obfuscation and Runtime Application Self-Protections (RASP) to deter attackers from reverse-engineering applications. The Keys protection component uses whitebox cryptography to conceal secret keys and unique identifiers from prying eyes.  The Data protection component encrypts and decrypts data on the fly, and the data is bound to the host device. All these components work together to provide a comprehensive solution for protecting your intellectual property and sensitive information.

So, protecting the intellectual property of your innovations is crucial for the success of your business. With the increasing complexity of IP laws and the growing threat of IP theft, it’s critical to have a comprehensive, robust solution to safeguard your valuable assets.

QShield is the best way to protect your innovations’ intellectual property. The application protection, white-box cryptography, and digital vault features provide a robust defense against would-be attackers who attempt to reverse-engineer applications and steal intellectual property. QShield solution is designed to protect software applications deployed on personal computers, mobile phones, and connected objects, ensuring that your IP is safe and secure at all times.

Don’t leave your IP vulnerable to theft and loss. Trust QShield to protect your innovations and safeguard your business’s future. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you protect your intellectual property.

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