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Webinar | Elevating Malware Detection-Key Use Cases for SOCs and CERTs

Your SOC is a critical part of your organization’s efforts to stay ahead of the latest cybersecurity threats. Detecting malicious activity is often hindered by multi vector attacks, lack of skill set, rising volume of alerts and disconnected security stack.

Are you seeking to set up, maintain, evolve or even outsource effective malware detection and analysis practices?

If yes, join us in our On-demand webinar to discover key use cases to get your security operations up to speed and safeguard your organization from unwanted malware threats.

  • Make security expertise accessible to all within your organization, build up threat intelligence capacity and complement your incident response efforts to better fight against cyber threats.
  • Through real-based scenarios, leverage your peers experience and learn how you can
  • Plug in security expertise easily  and build your own customized detection and file analysis engines
  • Combine diverse detection tools for improved malware detection
  • Automate analysis to help your SOC prioritize threats